Episode 39 – The Blues

Global Globules Episode 39 – The Blues - was first broadcast on Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 on Resonance FM

Episode 39 – The Blues Tracklisting

Here follows a tracklisting for Global Globules Episode 39 – The Blues.
Album artwork is included below where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.
Artist Track Album Time Year
Henry Thomas Fishing Blues (2.45) 1928
Canned Heat Fried Hockey Boogie Boogie With Canned Heat (11.07) 1968
The Doors Roadhouse Blues (take 6) Morrison Hotel (9.26) 1970
John Lee Hooker & Canned Heat Boogie Chillen’ No 2 Hooker ‘n’ Heat (11.52) 1970
Muddy Waters She’s Alright Electric Mud (6.44) 1968
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Tarotplane Mirror Man (19.08) 1967
Fleetwood Mac Oh Well Parts I & II Then Play On (9.00) 1969
Canned Heat Refried Boogie Living The Blues (41.00) 1968
Status Quo Roadhouse Blues Live! (14.12) 1976
Mississippi Fred McDowell Red Cross Store I Do Not Play No Rock’n’Roll (4.05) 1969

Episode 39 – The Blues Covers Gallery

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