Episode 38 – San Fransisco

Global Globules Episode 38 – San Fransisco - was first broadcast on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 on Resonance FM

Episode 38 – San Fransisco Tracklisting

Here follows a tracklisting for Global Globules Episode 38 – San Fransisco.
Album artwork is included below where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.
Artist Track Album Time Year
Country Joe & The Fish Death Sound Blues Electric Music For The Mind And Body (4:26) 1966
The Serpent Power Endless Tunnell The Serpent Power (13:15) 1968
Fifty Foot Hose Fantasy Cauldron (10:15) 1967
Chrome I Am the Jaw Read Only Memory EP (9:29) 1979
Blue Cheer Doctor Please Vincebus Eruptum (7:53) 1968
Lawrence Ferlinghetti & the Cellar Jazz Quintet Junkman’s Obbligato Poetry Readings In The Cellar (8:23) 1957
Quicksilver Messenger Service Who Do You Love Suite Happy Trails (22 .25) 1968
Jefferson Airplane Jam (featuring Jerry Garcia) live (26:07) 1969
Terry Riley Mescalin Mix Music for the Gift (14:23) 1963
Hot Tuna Genesis Double Dose (4:33) 1978

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