★★★★ Herald Scotland - Monday, August 19th, 2013

The divisive nature of Stewart Lee’s stand-up persona means it’s highly likely that only his comedy disciples will follow a recommendation.
In this case it’s a cult Canadian comedian who wears a wrestling mask covered in bacon. Well hands up here – guilty as charged.

Lee encountered BACONFACE at a Canadian comedy club in 1986, and is now bankrolling his first appearance here.
When Baconface appears, it’s clear to see where Lee has stolen his stage presence, without the bacon of course.

However, there’s something looser about Baconface, the riffs are more surreal – dressing up as Margaret Attwood in his home town’s annual fancy dress parade for a start.
For his first “English” shows, Baconface refuses to change material that works in his part of Canada and shows that he invented stand-up as we know it today and it has been stolen from him by a series of interlopers.

It’s tempting to say Kevin Bacon has let himself go… but that’s a real Stewart Lee fan in-joke.

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