★★★ Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk - Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

The cult 1980s Canadian stand-up’s Mexican wrestling mask is covered in rashers of bacon and the show’s title (and his catchphrase) is It’s all Bacon.

Baconface, who speaks in a Rich Hall-esque gravelly drawl, is a grumpy middle-aged guy who has been “doing these jokes five nights a week for 32 years”. Actually he has no jokes, and his attempts at them trail off into nothingness. As we passed 35 minutes, Baconface said: “We’ve broken the Sarah Silverman mark.”

Baconface, too, has made no attempt to make his material appeal to a British audience, peppering his show with references to Canadian celebrities unknown outside the country, or even Chilliwack, British Columbia, where he hails from.
They may start with Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, but soon he’s name-checking local musicians and ice-hockey players.

It’s good fun.

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