JOHN MURPHY - EXEUNT MAGAZINE - Monday, August 12th, 2013

He’s billed as the inventor of Canadian stand-up comedy and his act comes complete with endorsements from Geddy Lee of Rush and Stewart Lee.
Baconface, his face concealed by a mask with rashers of bacon stapled to it, wears a Rush T-shirt under a plaid shirt with yet more bacon hanging off it (be warned, the piggy smell in the hot room is quite over-powering).

The final routine is a very drawn-out story with plenty of narrative repetition regarding rimming a 750lb male grizzly bear.
There’s a running gag about Baconface’s catchphrase, “it’s all bacon”, and the audience’s failure to adequately respond, as well as the regular name-dropping of Canadian celebrities. At one point, during a long routine on an alternative name for Bigfoot, he mutters “The Guardian said this bit went on for too long….fuckers”, and the room is immediately re-energised.

The appeal of seeing him in a tiny room at the staggeringly low ticket price of £5 is considerable even if you’re not a huge fan. The mask is more than a gimmick.

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