EdFringe.com Public Reviews - Monday, August 12th, 2013

As you would expect from the man who claims to have invented comedy, Baconface today not only pushed the boundaries but smashed them by walking out of his show after five minutes and not coming back.
The cleverness and subtlety of this act was of course lost on us, the audience. We didn’t even understand that you can’t expect to just go to a show in your lunch hour and just sit there and enjoy it without putting in the work. Well I for one have learnt my lesson.

As I go about trying to get a refund for £40.40 for 7 tickets plus booking fee from the Fringe box office as the Stand wouldn’t do it, I will not moan about comedians walking out of their shows after five minutes and all the unwanted hassle that getting a refund will cause me, as is my normal humourless wont.

Instead I will remember the deliciously ironic comedy in what happened today.
I will treasure my ticket to prove I was there and never once let the thought cross my mind that I’ve just been ripped off by a celebrity with a dead pig on his face.


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