LIZZIE CASS-MARAN, THE SKINNY - Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Baconface. Because he’s got bacon on his face. It doesn’t really go any deeper than that.
About a third of the room absolutely love this guy. They’re hanging on his every word in a way that would seem to do justice to the ‘Canadian’ comic’s cult status. If you do work in the comedy industry and are into layered deconstruction in a big way, then you’ll probably love it too, much as a mechanic might enjoy seeing parts of a racing car laid out and labelled on the garage floor. In Latin.

If you’ve taken a punt on a £5 ticket, having chosen this performance over others, woefully undersold, in the same venue, or in any way aren’t ‘in on it’ chances are you’d be with the remainder of the audience – perplexed.
There’s no structure, no focus and very few genuine laughs. What Mr Face has in stage presence, he sadly lacks in material.

A missed opportunity for someone who’s better than this.

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