Dominic Maxwell, The Times - Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

A comedian dons a mask and some pork, like some low-rent Robert Galbraith in a Rush T-shirt and khaki three-quarter-lengths.
Baconface is a veteran Canadian stand-up in distinctive headwear of Mexican wrestling mask with slices of bacon hanging off it.

This cantankerous funnyman from Chilliwack, displays the bitter, vituperative edge of the professionally discontented North American stand-up. Befriending a pair of genuine Canadians in the front row, he talks knowledgeably about Calgary and tuts at the “urban sprawl” of Edmonton. He tells stories about bears and Bigfoot, about dressing up as Margaret Atwood, about a rival comedian whose farm-machinery impersonations are big in BC.

The routine hasn’t got the legs for a whole hour yet but when Baconface is good he’s glorious.

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