Episode 22 – Asia

Global Globules Episode 22 – Asia - was first broadcast on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 on Resonance FM

Episode 22 – Asia Tracklisting

Here follows a tracklisting for Global Globules Episode 22 – Asia.
Album artwork is included below where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.
Artist Track Album Time Year
Ariesta Birawa Group (INDONESIA) Didunia Yang Lain Volume 1 (2:20) 1973
Ros Sereysothea (CAMB) Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy (I’m 16) Chnam oun Dop-Pram Muy 7” (3:50)
Sodsri Rungsang (Thai) Uay Porn Tahan Chaydan Uay Porn Tahan Chaydan 7" (5:00)
Aka (INDONESIA) Shake Me Shake Me (5:33) 1975
Khun Paw Yann (Burma) Hopes And Goals Hopes And Goals 7" (5:09)
Kassim Slamat & The Swallows (Singapore) Lek, Paju Molle Lek, Paju Molle 7" (4:11) 1968
Kouroush Yaghmaei (IRAN) Ghazal Reel (5:18) 1975
John Bernerian & The Rock East Ensemble (Armenia) The Oud & The Fuzz Middle Eastern Rock (6:25) 1969
The Churchills (ISR) Subsequent Finale Ha Churchillim (6:17) 1969
Hoàng Oanh (Viet Nam) Sao Biển (Etoile Des Neiges) (Starfish) ao Bien 7” (4:54)
San Ui Lim (S Korea) It Was Probably Late Summer The First (5:24) 1977
Shin Joong Hyun & The Men (S KOREA) Beautiful Rivers And Mountains Woman Of The Evening Sun (10:05) 1972
Kim Jung Mi (S Korea) The Sun Now (6:52) 1973
Kourosh Yaghmaee (IR) Khar reel (7:00) 1973
Monks Of Nyuingmapa (Old Order) Monastery At Kyichi (TOB) Nyule Drelwa, Calling Down Of Deities To Subjugate Evil Spirit; And Kulwa, Its Death, Stabbed By Black Hat Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monastories Of Bhutan Volume III (10:24) 1972
Shin Joong Hyun (S Korea) In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida In-A-Kadda-Da-Vida (16:35) 1973
Jericho Jones (Isr) Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys (7:31) 1971
Juan De La Cruz Band (PHIL) Langit Up In Arms (10:04) 1971

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