Episode 33 – Texas
First broadcast on Wednesday November 9th 2016

Here follows a tracklisting for this edition of Global Globules. Album artwork is included where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.

A Public Execution – Mouse & His Traps 7” 66
On the Road South                  2:17         The Stereo Shoestring 7” 1968
South Texas                  5:19         Cold Sun         Dark Shadows  (1970)
Pluto Sept. 31st                  5:10         Moving Sidewalks – Flash ’69
If I Were a Carpenter                  5:26         American Blues         Is Here ’68
Slip Inside This House                  8:05         The Thirteenth Floor Elevators         Easter Everywhere 1967
I’ve Got to Reach You                  7:52         The Bubble Puppy         A Gathering of Promises         69
Flyin’ Shoes                  4:27         Townes Van Zandt – Flyin Shoes 78
Oyster Thins                  6:04         Mayo Thompson         Corky’s Debt To His Father 70
My Mother Was Sanctified                  7:08         Lightin’ Hopkins         Blues In Munich 1977
Bootleg                  5:39         Butterfingers         Butterfingers 70
Water Pour                  4:40         The Red Krayola         Coconut Hotel         1967
Dead Man                  17:26         Josefus         Dead Man 70
Free Jazz (25.30)                  37:11         Ornette Coleman         Free Jazz         60 (Fort Worth)
Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In)                  3:22         The First Edition 67 7” Kenny Rogers