Episode 31 – Eire
First broadcast on Wednesday October 26th 2016

Here follows a tracklisting for this edition of Global Globules. Album artwork is included where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.

Reel: McMahon’s Reel                  1:16 Bernard O’Sullivan & Tommy McMahon     Clare Concertinas      (75 )

Book Of Fool               5:37 Eugene Wallace Book Of Fool (72)

Morning Dew              2:56 Sugar Shack (68 7” )

Real Life Permanent Dream                 3:17 Orange Machine         Three Jolly Little Dwarfs 7″ 68

Sheep Season             5:01 Mellow Candle   Swaddling Songs (72)

The Streets of Derry (Derry Gaol)               7:06 Bothy Band       Out Of The Wind And Into The Sun (77 )

Silent O’Moyle            5:55 Loudest Whisper        Children Of Lir  (74 )

Standing Alone          5:38 Mushroom         Early One Morning (73)

The Poulshone Fishermen          5:59 Mac Murrough  Mac Murrough (74)

Sign Of My Mind                 8:29 Dr Strangely Strange         Heavy Petting (70)

Variations For Huxley                9:59 Peggy’s Leg        Grinilla (73)

Solar Eyes         12:25        Roger Doyle       Thalia (1975)

The Blackbird (air/hornpipe/set dance)               4:11 John Kelly         Irish Traditional Concertina & Fiddle Music (1975)

Dreams For Me          4:29 Sweeney’s Men  The Tracks Of Sweeny (69)

Nora Daly          4:05 The Russell Family    The Russell Family of Doolin, Co Clare 1975

Virtue IV (1972)                 8:53 Sister. Anselme O’Ceallaigh        Historical Documents of the Irish Avant-Garde        (1972)

Wanderly Wagon                 1:02 Jim Doherty      Wanderly Wagon (67)

The Hymms From The Grand Terrace                  9:11 Richard Harris  The Yard Goes On For Ever (68)

Furniture          15:16        Horslips    Live    (76)