Episode 20 – South Africa
First broadcast on Wednesday July 13th 2016

Here follows a tracklisting for this edition of Global Globules. Album artwork is included where possible.
If there isn't artwork it probably means my late brother acquired this on reel-to-reel tape before it was officially released, if indeed it ever was.

McCully Workshop – Stone Man (9:47) – Genesis (1971)
Morris Goldberg Quartet – Unknown(16:09) tape (1967)

Suck – Season Of The Witch (9:57) Time To Suck         (1970)

Batsumi – Itumeleng(16:01) Batsumi         (1974)

The Third Eye – Awakening (13:57) Searching (1969)
Harry Miller – Foregone Conclusion(15:34) Children at Play (1974)

Mongezi Feza – Theme Of The Day I (39:18) tape (1972)